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Viking Server: Online
Players: 1316 / 2000

Hotan: dummy
Jangan: l3Lo0dyh3lL
Bandit: dummy

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Silkroad Online Private Servers list for 2017 Silkroad online private server
1/05/2020 Viking Sro Online. New Offers by VikingSro Team

01/05/2020 Viking Sro Online. Enjoy Playing in Our Servers by VikingSro Team
We didnt ask Any one For donate !
Update Now Done , Enjoy New Features .. For Any Guide or Questions Pm Us On

Gmail : vikingsro3@gmail.com

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23/07/2020 New Updates by VikingSro Team

Updates :

- Add New glow weapon effect -

- Add new avatar -

- High rate of drop sun items -

- High rate of drop arena coin from unique

-Remove scroll stat and skills -

-Add new model switch for all weapon D16 -

- new teleport at holy water temple -

- add socket stone ant npc -

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01/04/2020 Hello. This is Viking Sro Online by VikingSro Team
Hello. This is Viking Sro Online.

-- Fortress War Working Now ( Hotan )
-- Capture The Flag ( So-Ok) Now Working
-- New Weapons & Clothes
-- New Rare items
-- New Pets ( Isro official )
-- New Pets Unique ( Special Spawn Places & Special Drops Scrolls and Arena )
04/04/2020 Hello. This is Viking Sro Online by VikingSro Team

-- according to Serve our Players with the best service they can get we Increase Arena Coins Drops ( Uniques & events )
-- Every Day Pvp Events (8v8 & 4v4 & 2v2 & 1v1 )
-- Every Day Uniques Spawn Event At Night
-- inCreasing Fortress War Rewards

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