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Viking Server: Online
Players: 1316 / 2000

Hotan: dummy
Jangan: l3Lo0dyh3lL
Bandit: dummy

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Silkroad Online Private Servers list for 2017 Silkroad online private server

- Welcome in the best game online (Viking-sro )

Game Info

-- Game degree 16 - cap 140

-- system vote Work ✔️ ( Need to make quest then go website and make vote for all link then send massage to $BOT !vote then will get silk )

-- silk per hour ✔️ ( 2 silk per hour )

-- Drop gold rate - exp rate X 1000

If u have problem for Exchange need to make this option

Achievement unique

10- ROC -mag buff
20- medusa - phy buff
20-Tai sui-phy abs buff
20-BAAL-speed buff
20-Rage Cloud-parry rate buff
20-THIEF BOSS - attack rate buff
20-THANOS_STR-int buff
20-THOR_INT-str buff
20- JUPITER-stun buff

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